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SFCC - Santa Fe Community College presents Lu Mori´s art. For the first time in US: Brazilian Hummingbirds. Watercolors on paper, 2014, by Lu Mori. 


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for the first time in US:


Lu Mori - the artist - lives in touch with nature, whether practicing painting, gardening and also trekking around the island where she lives, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil. In her daily experience with gardening Lu Mori likes to intimately observe the hummingbirds which visit her flowers.

In an attempt to make permanent the transience and the beauty of flowers the artist found the inspiration to create these watercolor paintings of brazilian species of hummingbirds and flowers.

About the exhibition


The exhibition is open
at SFCC Library, 
SFCC - Santa Fe Community College, 6401
Richards Ave. Santa Fe, New Mexico, US

Artist: Lu Mori

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Whatsapp: +55 48 9680.9819

About the paintings


Watercolor on 100% cotton paper
(paintings on frames)


$350 per painting,
with Certificate of authenticity 


26 x 26 cm,
plus the frame size

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Amazilia fimbriata
Phaethornis pretrei
Colibri serrirostris
Eupetomena macroura

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* Santa Fe Community College, 6401, Richards Ave. Santa Fe, New Mexico, US

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Glittering-throated emerald
(Amazilia fimbriata)

Planalto hermit
(Phaethornis pretrei)

White-vented violetear
(Colibri serrirostris)

Swallow-tailed hummingbird
(Eupetomena macroura)

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Please make direct contact on
In US, call Bianca Sampaio, Santa Fe, NM,
on the phone number +1 505.490.9236